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InfoMine is a state of the art facility that uses the latest technology to extract and refine raw materials. Kiruna was originally built around a mining community. It has remained a rich source for iron ore, Malmberget has been mined for over a century. The complete process from extracting raw material to producing refined iron takes place on-site. This allows for an educational experience that goes beyond understanding the extraction of metal from the ground. Guided tours of the locomotives and ore car workshops in Kiruna as well as multi-media tours are available during summer time.

For guided tours of the mining museum please contact Kiruna Lappland Tourist Office, Lars Janssonsgatan 17, (Folkets Hus), SE-981 31 Kiruna, E-mail:

Skylark rocket launch at Esrange

Skylark rocket launch at Esrange
Copyright © Gaelen Marsden

Esrange Space Centre

Esrange Space Centre is one of the world's most sophisticated space rocket bases located at Sweden's northern tip in Kiruna. It is a base for scientific research with high altitude balloons, investigation of the aurora borealis and sounding rocket launches. It acts as a ground station for civilian satellites, both telecom and scientific and it serves the international community for research, military development, and commercial use. It is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and surrounded by a vast wilderness. The local hotel Aurora has been used by tourists since December 2007, who want to spend time at the only rocket base allowing tourists to sleep in the hotels, which are normally meant for scientists and engineers.

For more information and enquiries please contact Swedish Space Corporation, P.O. Box 4207, SE-171 04 Solna, Sweden, E-mail:

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