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Biscainhos Museum

The Biscainhos Museum is located in The The Biscainhos Palace with the same name, in Braga, Portugal. The building dates back from the late 16th century and like others manor houses, the edifice has undergone many restorations and additions over the years. However, the dominant period is that of the 18th century, displaying exquisite interiors with walls in azulejos and ceilings with beautiful relief stucco work and paintings of this period. The baroque framing of the palace is provided by the magnificent gardens.

The museum exhibits, on a permanent basis, collections of Decorative arts, integrating areas in which the atmosphere of the 18th century Northern Manor House is recreated. In the collection there is furniture, ceramics, European and Oriental porcelain, European Glass, European and Portuguese watches and clocks.

For more information and enquiries please contact Biscainhos Museum, Street Biscainhos, 4700-415, Braga, Portugal, Tel: +351 253 204 650, E-mail:

Biscainhos Museum (Braga)

Garden of Biscainhos Palace and the Biscainhos museum in Braga

Cathedral Treasure

The Cathedral Treasure or Sacred Art Museum is a museum incorporated in the Braga Cathedral in Braga, Portugal. The Cathedral Treasure comprises five collections: Treasure, Carving, Statuary, Azulejos and Bells. In the museum there is a collection of different works of sculpture from different periods in different material from the 14th to the 18th centuries. Images of Christ, Virgin Mary and numerous Saints. The museum also comprises of 200 bells made in different times by the well know local bell industry. there is different works of Wood carving like altars, musical instruments, Candelabras, among others. The two Organs in the Cathedral are part of the museum visit. The treasure contains a wealth of precious items including:
  • Numerous objects of gold, silver and precious stones used for services, like crosses, chalices among others.
  • Clothing from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, either Portuguese or Oriental.
  • A Hispano-Arab casket of the 10th century in Ivory.
  • An Iron Cross before which Frei Henrique de Coimbra celebrated the first Mass in Brazil after the arrival of Pedro Álvares Cabral.
  • Sumptuous objects used in religious services.

    For more information and enquiries please contact Cathedral Treasure, R. Dom Paio Mendes, 4700 Braga, Portugal, Tel: +351 253 262 550

    Cathedral Treasure (Braga)

    Front facade of the Cathedral Treasure
    Photograph takenb by Jose Goncalves
  • Nogueira da Silva Museum

    The Nogueira da Silva Museum is located in Braga, Portugal. The museum consists of the legacy bequeathed by the entrepreneur Nogueira da Silva to the University of Minho. In his philanthropic activity and enthusiasm for antiques and works of art, he accumulated an invaluable collection which included many rare pieces of furniture, paintings, and sculptures from various periods and styles. The museum comprises significant renaissance pieces, Portuguese painting, 17th furniture, ceramics and creations in ivory, silver and religious art. In addition to the art collection, the legacy included the magnificent building, in the centre of Braga with beautiful gardens of French inspiration.

    For more information and enquiries please contact Nogueira da Silva Museum, Avenida Central 61, 4710-228, Braga, Portugal, Tel: +351 253 601 275 / +351 253 601 276 E-mail:

    Nogueira da Silva Museum (Braga)

    Front entrance to the Nogueira da Silva Museum

    Image Museum (Braga)

    The Image Museum or in Portuguese Museu da Imagem is located in Braga, Portugal and is dedicated to photography. The collection is one of the largest and most important in Portugal. It holds images, by both classic and contemporary photographers, and illustrates a wide range of subject matter, mainly historic photos from Braga. The museum opened in April 25, 1999, and is close to Arco da Porta Nova, in a building from the 19th century and a tower, from the Braga Castle.

    For more information and enquiries please contact Image Museum, Campo das Hortas 35, 4700 Braga, Portugal, Tel: +351 253 278 633, E-mail:

    Image Museum (Braga)

    Image Museum, Braga
    Photograph taken by José Gonçalves

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