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Bergen Museum

The Bergen Museum is a university museum in Bergen, Norway. Founded in 1825 with the intent of building large collections in the fields of culture and natural history, it became the grounds for most of the academic activity in the city, a tradition which has prevailed since the museum became part of the University of Bergen. The increasing research activity at the museum from the late 19th century and onwards led directly to the founding of the University of Bergen in 1948. Bergen Museum is divided into two departments, the Natural History Collections and the Cultural History Collections. It is also the caretaker of the botanical garden surrounding the natural history building, and the city's arboretum.

For more information and enquiries please contact Bergen Museum, University of Bergen, PO Box 7800, 5020 Bergen, E-mail:

Bergen Museum

Natural History building of Bergen Museu

Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene is a museum in the city of Bergen, Norway. The main part of the museum is located in one of the conserved wooden buildings on Bryggen in Bergen, Norway, and covers the Hanseatic times. All the items in the museum are original and have been collected from various farms on Bryggen by Johan Wilhelm Wiberg. His son, Christian Koren Wiberg (1870–1945) built up the museum which became the responsibility of Bergen municipality in 1916.

For more information and enquiries please contact Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene, Ovregaten 50, Bergen, Tel: +47 55 31 60 20, E-mail:

Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene, Bergen
Photograph taken by Nina Aldin Thune


Troldhaugen was the home of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and his wife Nina Grieg. Troldhaugen is located in Bergen, Norway and consists of the Edvard Grieg Museum, Grieg’s villa, the hut where he composed music and his gravesite. Troldhaugen and its surroundings are now a museum dedicated to the memory of Edvard Grieg. In 1995, a museum building was added, with a permanent exhibition of Edvard Grieg's life and music, as well as shop and restaurant. In the villa’s living room stands Grieg’s Steinway grand piano, which Grieg was given as a silver wedding anniversary present in 1892. Today the instrument is used for private concerts, special occasions and intimate concerts held in connection with Bergen International Festival. Troldsalen, a concert hall, offers concert series in the summer and autumn months, as well as many other concerts and events.

For more information and enquiries please contact Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen, Troldhaugveien 65, N-5232 Paradis – Bergen, Tel: (+47)55 92 29 92, E-mail:


Troldhaugen, the home of composer Edvard Grieg, in Bergen
Photograph taken by Andreas Sandberg

Bryggens Museum

Bryggens Museum was built in 1976. Remains have been uncovered by archaeological excavations on the site of the fire. Many of the remains now form the basis of the modern museum and are permanently exhibited. However, the museum also has changing exhibits.

For more information and enquiries please contact Dreggsallm. 3, Postboks 4052, 5835 Bergen, Tel: (+47) 55 58 80 10, E-mail:

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