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Europe’s Five Best Museums

For many, travellers and natives alike, spending a few hours at a museum is a wonderful and highly anticipated activity. Learning about exotic cultures, the natural world or the majesty of ancient civilisations is both a noble and intellectual pursuit, and one that proves irresistible to many! As the cradle of western civilisation, Europe hosts some of the most extensive, amazingly well presented pieces of history, nature and art, though choosing where to visit can be a difficult process. To help, we compiled a list of some of our favourites of the continent’s crop of museums.

British Museum- London

Dedicated to all aspects of human history, civilisation and culture, the >British Museum is an anthropologist’s dream! The museum’s permanent collection hosts over eight million works and artefacts, some of which, such as the Olduvai stone chopping tool, are up to two million years old, truly a sight that has to be seen! As well as an all-encompassing collection that hosts works from the Akkadian to the Zhou Dynasties, the museum regularly hosts exceptional temporary exhibits. Located in the centre of London, the Museum is great if seen as part of an attraction-hopping day.

The Rijksmuseum- Amsterdam

Whilst many visitors to the Dutch capital will be very happy enjoying the more excitable side of the capital, taking in the ‘coffee shops’, red light districts, nightclubs and casinos there’s plenty more in terms of history to be enjoyed whilst you visit, so throw away the drink and enjoy a day of culture at the Rijksmuseum, taking in a hefty breath of Amsterdam’s extensive cultural and artistic heritage. The museum has 8000 objects on display (out of a total of one million), so there’s plenty to see at this amazing venue. After such a cerebral day of sightseeing, head back to the hotel, pop on some tunes and play online casino games on your mobile before you head out into the fun-filled maelstrom that is Amsterdam at night! Who knows; you might even make a few Euros you can use as beer money!

Centre Pompidou- Paris

Truly a place for all tastes, the Centre Pompidou is a must-see for travellers to Paris. Housing a huge public library, a centre for music and acoustic research and the largest museum of modern art in Europe, art-lovers will love getting lost in the centre’s labyrinthine halls. Afterwards, take a stroll down the Parisian avenues and sit down for an espresso after a long day of appreciating!

Musee du Louvre- Paris

Another Parisian gem, the Louvre is one of the most recognisable museums in the world, its glass pyramid structure a beacon of design and art. The museum is home to a huge number of works, primarily from the pre-twentieth century era, and houses the ever-celebrated Mona Lisa.

Serralves Museum- Porto

One of Portugal’s most famous museums, the Serralves is home to a mighty collection of contemporary artworks, situated in the delightfully beautiful grounds of the Serralves Estate. Wandering around the halls of the Serralves is a wonderfully calming act, and visitors leaving can enjoy the similar tranquillity of the surrounding grounds.

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